The Spanking

The Spanking

The Spanking


Jack opened the car door for Megan, his wife. They owned a Honda Accord that was only three years old. They had bought it new. He had chosen the make and model. She had chosen the color, baby blue, and the features.

She slid into her seat and snapped the buckle into place while he entered through the other door.

“You want to know why divorces were so much rarer fifty years ago?” Jack asked.

“Why?” Megan asked. They had been visiting Jack’s elderly aunt and she had been watching older television shows. Megan had seen this conversation coming. Her husband could be a philosopher when he wanted to be.

“Because back in the day, men could spank their wives. Did you see Ricky give Lucy that spanking when she got out of line? Men can’t do that anymore,” Jack said.

“Oh, they do,” Megan said.

“Yes, but when they do they go to jail for it.”

“That’s not what I’ve heard,” Megan said.

“Really? Well, what have you heard?” Jack asked giving her an intent look. A look that made Megan’s nipples harden.

“Well, I’ve heard a few women say that their husband’s spank them as part of sex.”

“Really?” Jack asked raising an eyebrow. Clearly, this was news to her husband. Megan guessed that the men in their circle of friends were mostly philosophical types like her husband. They weren’t the kind of men who sat around telling tales of their sexual exploits. Mostly because every one of them was married and it seemed that men, unlike women, found talking about married sex much less pertinent than the sex lives of single friends. Luckily, the women in the group talked incessantly about the subject.


“And the wives let them.”

“Not just let them, they beg for it,” Megan said with a teasing smile. There was silence for a few moments as Jack tried to comprehend that. Megan waited patiently for the next comment, which she knew was inevitable.

“Would you be willing to try it?” Jack asked.

“I suppose so,” Megan said with a wry smile.

It had been something that she had thought would be incredibly hot and had been wanting to try for some time. She had just been waiting for the right moment to ask for it.

Neither Megan nor Jack brought up spanking again. But, Saturday night, when Jack was in the shower, Megan set up the bedroom with the props she had bought at a local adult store.

When Jack opened the bathroom door, wrapped in a towel, Megan was sitting on the bed naked. He hands were handcuffed together in the front and she held a leather crop in her hands.

Jack dropped the towel in surprise. Megan wasn’t disappointed. His cock was hard and ready at the sight of her.

Even though Megan was a thirty five year old college professor, Jack still found her smoking hot. She had plump white breasts that filled the palms of his hands. Quarter sized pink nipples stood out at the ends of them. Nipples that he loved to lick and to suck.

Her abdomen was flat with just a hint of muscles. She had round hips which he loved to hold as he rode her. Megan had dark brown curls that fell down her shoulders. Normally, she also had a patch of brown curls above her sex but it seemed she had shaved or waxed them away for the occasion. Leaving her bare and naked so he could see all of her most intimate places.

“I’ve been a very bad girl this week,” Megan purred.

“Have you?” Jack asked. His voice was rough and full of arousal.

“Oh yes. A very bad girl. A very bad girl who needs punished,” Megan said.

“Well then, I guess I better make sure you are properly disciplined,” Jack said sitting on the bed.

Jack was muscled. He kept very fit with a regular gym routine. He was a teacher as well as an athletic coach at the local high school.

His shoulders were broad and his chest and abs muscled.

He had a patch of dark brown hair between his nipples and another patch at the base of his long thick cock.

But, Jack kept his head shaved.

He grabbed Megan’s arms and pulled her over his knees until her bottom was up in the air. He took the crop from her hands.

“You will need to recount all of the bad things you did this week. And, receive the proper punishment,” Jack said.

“I burned your pancakes Monday,” Megan said. It was summer and they were both home during the days.

No matter how Megan tried. She would never be a master in the kitchen.


She felt the sting of the leather crop against her ass cheek.

“I didn’t iron your shirts on Tuesday. Instead, I threw the one you needed into the dryer to take out the wrinkles that way,” Megan said.


The crop stung the opposite ass cheek. Jack could see a little red mark where the crop had landed. He repositioned Megan so that when she wiggled from the spanking, her breast would rub against his cock. His hard cock which was finding his wife, bent over his knee, very erotic.

“That was a rather severe offense,” Jack agreed.

“Yes, it was” Megan said with a pant.

“What else do you need to confess?” Jack asked. He felt a sudden surge of power at her vulnerability. The trust she put in him. Her hands were bound and she was over his knees. She was helpless. Powerless. And, she was submitting to him completely.

“On Wednesday, I read a romance novel instead of doing housework. I didn’t get anything done at all that day,” Megan said.


Megan’s bottom bounced and she felt her clit rub against the skin of her husband’s leg. It sent shivers down her spine and she felt her body tremble. She loved the feel of powerlessness. The trust she placed in Jack. It was complete. It was how she knew her marriage was a good one. Only a good relationship would allow a woman to give up so much control. To submit entirely to a man. A man who had her over his knee and was spanking her.

“Thursday?” Jack asked. His voice was husky with desire and she could feel the heat of his hard cock against her breast. She nearly came when his cock unexpectedly made contact with her nipple. She was feeling hot. Ready.

“I went shopping for handcuffs and a crop. A most improper thing for a married woman,” Megan panted.


Jack knew that he was only barely going to make it to her crimes on Saturday. Spanking her was so hot. It made him ready to dive into the heat of her pussy. And, once he was there, he was sure he would cum almost immediately. But, she would need release as well. He could tell from the heat radiating against his leg that she was as turned on as he was. He reached a hand back to pull apart her legs so she was in a straddle position. Then, he pushed two finger into the depths of her pussy. It made her squeal and wiggle even more against his erection.

He focused on restraining himself. Through gritted teeth he asked “Friday?”

Two fingers plunged into the depths of her hot wet pussy while his thumb stroked her clit. She was panting and writhing over his legs.


“What horrible thing did you do on Friday?” he asked.

“I forgot to make the bed,” she said.


“That was a very horrible thing,” he agreed. He felt his vision blurring with desire and he closed his eyes for a moment. He needed to concentrate. Just one more days’ worth of transgressions and he could plunge his desperate cock into her depths and let her take him over the precipice of pleasure.

“Very.” She gasped as he increased the intensity of his thumb against her clit.

“And what about today?” he asked.

“Today, I let the sexiest man in the world bend me over his knee and spank me while I was handcuffed and powerless to stop him,” Megan said.


The leather from the crop stung and Megan felt a heat from her bottom. She was sure it was very red. Maybe even a little bruised. But, she was on the verge of orgasm. His hands on her pussy were almost more than she could bear.

Jack looked at his wife’s red bottom. Tiny welts were rising on it. And, it sent a wave of passionate heat through his loins. He lifted Megan off of his lap and bent her forcefully over the mattress of the bed. He held her handcuffed hands in front of them with his right hand and with his left, he positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy.

He plunged into her. Her pussy was hot and wet around his cock. He withdrew from her until just the very tip of his cock still sat between her pussy lips. Then, he again plunged into her depths until his balls met the lips of her pussy, making them wet from her pleasure juices.

Megan was making little moaning sounds as Jack thrust into her again and again. Withdrawing from her. Filling her. He used one hand to hold her bound ones as his other hand traced the red welts on her ass cheeks.

Megan felt the pressure from his hands on her warm bruised bottom. She felt his cock plunging into her depths while her clitoris rubbed against the bed.

She let out a scream as she felt her toes curl and the wave of pleasure wash upwards to her abdomen. She arched her back as the hot pleasure centered in her depths and she felt her deepest muscles contract shooting pleasure through her whole being. Her body shook and she closed her eyes as she rode the wave of pleasure to completion. She could feel the hot liquid of her pleasure juices spray out onto Jack’s balls and abdomen.

Megan’s pussy pulsing against his cock and spraying him with each pulse was enough to send Jack over the edge. He let out a moan as he felt the tingling in his balls. Then, pleasure burst upwards from them and he himself erupt into her. Filling her with his cum.

They laid together for several moments before either was recovered enough to move.

When she finally was freed of her handcuffs and able to face her husband, Megan put her hands on his chest.

“I think I shall be a very bad girl this week. You will need to punish me most severely.”

“Yes,” Jack agreed. “I will certainly need to do that. It will help us have a long and happy marriage.”



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